My Parrots are a huge part of my life.  They are amazing, intelligent and emotional creatures.  They add joy, frustration and purpose to my life.. LOL

Chicago Cubs

I was born a Cubs fan!  It has been passed down to all the male members of my family.  LOL I loved them before it was cool!

2016 World Champions!

Star Trek

Star Trek developed my sense of morality as a child.  It shaped my life in times that were unpleasant and kept me in a universe of my own during a terrible childhood.  It moved me into my IT career and still provides moral guidance and entertainment for me to this day.

Since 1993

I am Gay and Proud

In my youth, I was ashamed to be who I am.  Now, after many years of growth in my personal life and personal challenges I have endured, I have come to realize that God had a hand in who I am.  I am proud to be me.  I am proud to be a Gay, Cubs loving Trekkie who is a crazy bird man!  🙂 I am who I am and I love who I am.